How Does Your Garden Grow



Susan has been teaching people in Seattle how to garden since 1994. She founded How Does Your Garden Grow in 1997, to share her love of gardening and empower people to learn the skills and techniques to make the most of their gardens and outdoor spaces.

Susan has a biology degree from Amherst College and an Master of Science degree from the Center of Urban Horticulture at the University of Washington. She advocates for organic practices and sustainable gardening.



Ann Gilpin joined How Does Your Garden Grow as a horticulture student intern in April 2013, after a long career as an elementary school teacher. She has since graduated with an AAS in Environmental Horticulture from Lake Washington Institute’s Environmental Horticulture Program. She also received her Certified Professional Horticulture (CPH) Washington State qualification in 2013. Ann has become invaluable as a gardener and project manager, and brings wonderful teaching skills and gardening knowledge to How Does Your Garden Grow clients and their gardens.





Marissa Sohn was born in the San Francisco Bay Area, and relocated to Seattle to pursue the arts. She currently is in her final year at Cornish College of the Arts, with studies focused in photography, videography, and 3-dimensional installation works. While she is known for her abstract and process-oriented work, she also enjoys spending time with her Aunt Susie and lending her video skills to help teach others about plants.






Gretchen Dietz graduated from the University of Washington with a Bachelor’s Degree in Radio and Television Communications. She has worked in television, taught middle school, and holds an MFA in Creative Non-Fiction writing. Being a part of the How Does Your Garden Grow team allows her to explore her love of storytelling through video.





Albert is Susan’s loyal labradoodle who loves nothing better than to tag along at her side gardening and shopping for plants. Sometimes he does this cooperatively, and sometimes he has to go back in the car.